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Southwest Florida has been a major market for the Real Estate Investor for many years. Along with an excellent climate our Real Estate values have consistently appreciated at or near the top in Florida for most of the last several decades. Except of course for short period of the last decade when along with most of America we experienced the largest Real Estate down turn since the 1970's. But even in the down turn there were many opportunities for the savvy Investor. You'll need our experience and expertise to maintain and protect your Sw Florida Real Estate Investments.

We have built and owned many properties and are very familiar with the demands of properly maintaining your investment. Our Realty Team has been serving Southwest Florida as a leader in Property Management since 1998! We are seasoned veterans with regards to Property Management and Investing in Florida.  When you ready to Invest we can help you every step of the way. We offer FREE computer assisted Income evaluations of each property. You'll know exactly what to expect based on current and projected market forces. These are also very useful when negotiating the best terms for your loan with the banks. When you wish sell your property or purchase another, we have expert agents and would recommend, without bias, the one(s) best suited for your needs.

This why we offer True,

"Peace of Mind in Property Management"

Owners. Investors. Sellers. Rentals.

Investor Mag

Investor Magazine

Florida Real Estate Market is on the move, and National Real Estate Investor Magazine is a great resource for up to the minute information on what is happening in today's market...

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Selling a Home in Florida? Let one of our Agents assist you. We can assist in any facet, Lease Option (rent to own) Commercial, Residential, Short Sale, Condos, ...

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We always have a beautiful Lee County home for Rent. Check Out our rental invetory today! Click below to see our residential rentals...


Investor HeadLines


Fintech lender Prosper to pay $3 million fine for misleading investors
Posted on Friday April 19, 2019

Prosper, a longtime player in the personal lending space, announced plans in November to enter the mortgage arena wi

Ginnie Mae announces Platinum product for reverse mortgage-backed securities
Posted on Thursday April 18, 2019

Ginnie Mae has launched a new securitization channel for reverse mortgage-backed securities. Now, investors in the H

Ally Financial partnering with to launch digital mortgage platform
Posted on Thursday April 18, 2019

Ally Financial, which all but exited the mortgage business back in 2012, got back into mortgages in earnest in 2016.

Freddie Mac invests $50 million in affordable housing in rural, underserved areas
Posted on Wednesday April 17, 2019

Freddie Mac announced Wednesday it closed a Low-Income Housing Tax Credit fund with CAHEC and initiated several inve

The end of an era: Ellie Mae’s golden stock stops trading on NYSE
Posted on Wednesday April 17, 2019

In April 2011, Ellie Mae’s IPO launched at $6 per share. Yesterday, the stock closed at nearly $100 per share. Now

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